My approach goes in phases and is entirely personalized

During the first consultation,

We'll discuss your needs and expectations and go over your eating habits and other aspects of your lifestyle. We'll look at the results of any recent laboratory tests you've had, and assess whether any further tests are required, about which I'll contact your GP or give you a note for his or her attention.

During the second consultation,

We'll develop together a dietary strategy tailored to your needs and situation, and a customized action plan to help you restore or maintain your health. If it appears that medical treatment is necessary, I will also contact your GP. I find it very important to avoid missing out on pathologies and approaches for which nutritional therapy would not be sufficient.


I'll be there to support you as you follow your treatment and to adapt it if necessary. It's difficult to say in advance how many additional consultations will be needed, but I'm committed to working as efficiently as possible.

About reasons for consulting,

There are a lot of people concerned about their weight. But this is not the most important area of application for nutritional therapy, and it's far from being the only one.

I recommend turning to nutritional therapy either as part of an overall approach to preserving your health by optimizing your diet, or as part of an approach aimed at treating one or more health issues - which is something often done after allopathic medicine has produced no or insufficient results. Some doctors even recommend nutritional therapy as a complement to the allopathic approach.

Most areas of health are within the scope of nutritional herapy: digestive system issues, of course, but also mental health (e.g., burn-out, depression, stress, concentration issuess), chronic and degenerative diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer (as complementary support), immune disorders, osteoarticular issues, muscular pain, and so on. Even heart diseases and gynaecological disorders, including fertility issues, can benefit from nutritional therapy solutions.

My approach

I'm convinced that prevention is better than cure. That said, when you're ill, you have to take action. Allopathic medicine will almost always lead to the use of medication. In my opinion, such a decision should be made in the context of an informed discussion between doctor and patient, and natural approaches (diet correction, exercise, stress management, sleep management) should be considered first. They are potentially far more effective and risk-free. Let's also not forget that, aside from the existence of side-effects, a drug's only effect is, in the vast majority of cases, to manage symptoms, without treating the underlying pathology.

I take a holistic approach, looking at the person as a whole and considering all aspects of their life, not just the way they eat. So I don't hesitate, when necessary, to refer my patient to complementary expertise (e.g. psychologist, physiotherapist, osteopath).

My work ethic

I am independent of any commercial company and do not sell any products. If I have to recommend food supplements, I encourage my patients to choose by themselves, based on general criteria of quality and efficacy (minimizing excipients, possibility of splitting doses, etc.). Under no circumstances do I engage in the illegal practice of medicine, and I inform my patients of the limits of my approach and knowledge whenever they are encountered. Finally, I collaborate with my patients' doctors in a transparent and kind manner.


My consultations take place in Etterbeek, in the Brussels region. If you are unable to travel to Brussels, or if you live abroad, they can be organized by videoconference. Appointments can be made by telephone on 0473/673.470 (+32 473 673 470 from abroad) or via the contact form.